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Welcome to NINJA 

We are a thriving entrepreneur & digital nomad community living on a tropical island in Thailand, Koh Phangan.

The Ninja community is for anyone building their dream life by building a business around their passion. Made of hundreds of Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs that created their dream life are sharing their experience and best practices with other members.

Ninja Community is also the place where you will find our Ninja Academy that will teach you how to become a modern-age sales agent using personalized email marketing to grow revenue for any business. Taught on a rolling basis of 8 weeks you can join the Ninja Academy at any point and catch up on live sessions and connect with entrepreneurs and creators utilizing personalized email marketing to grow their online business and create their dream life.

At NINJA our goal is to help you:

  • Meet other creators like you, so that we can all exchange ideas, learn new strategies, and uncover new ways to successfully launch and grow our own online business
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about how to sell your products and services online, how to win clients and grow a remote business 
  • Get answers to the burning questions you just can't Google when it comes to launching a new business 
  • Find inspiration and get encouragement from your peers. 💪
  • Create together with other Ninjas

What is NINJA?

Ninja is where you become the best version of yourself. By combining the strengths of our onsite community we were able to create a program to help anyone to become productive again, start to build a business and be able to create their dream life.

Program 1

Ninja Camp - Become fit and healthy

Ninja Camp is a combination of community, online training, and onsite group training.

Together we train on a daily basis 

  • Meditation to gain focus
  • Breath Work to free the mind 
  • Yoga to stretch our muscles and get the blood flowing
  • Movement training to keep everything in shape 
  • Muay Thai to strengthen the mind and to become relaxed in stressful situations

NINJA Camp is a monthly membership giving you access to:

  • 20 Meditation Sessions
  • 12 Yoga Sessions
  • 8 Breathwork Sessions
  • 8 Movement Training 
  • 8 Muay Thai Training
  • Online Course Access
  • Coworking Space Access

Join the Ninja Camp 7 Days for free and become part of our community on Koh Phangan


Program 2

Ninja Academy - Build your dream business

Ninja Academy is a collection of online courses, live sessions, peer-to-peer support community, and mentorship program to help you create your dream life by guiding you to build a business around your passion.

Ninja Academy is a membership giving you access:

  • Business Analysis (We will take a close look at your business/business idea and help you to create a business plan)
  • Sales System - You will learn how to create your own sales system, that will generate leads on a consistent basis
  • Access to all Ninja Academy Online Courses
  • Access to Ninja Academy Group
  • 1 Live Sessions per month 
If you have questions before joining the Ninja Academy please schedule a call with our team here: Book Strategy Call




We are Ninja Partners, a marketing agency based on Koh Phangan.
Since the outbreak of Covid, we have grown our business from 3 employees to 30 using high ticket B2B marketing and sales strategies. We would love to share our methods with the nomad community of Koh Phangan and invite you to join our online tribe.

Ready to join NINJA?

Join the Ninja Community today and meet digital nomads from all over the world - Explore new ways to live life and start to build your own online business - All with the help of Ninja.


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